How to use excel for business retail accounting

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My business is a food chain here in the Philippines and it has been so troublesome everyday in doing a manual day to day retail accounting. So please teach me how to use excel for retail, like math formulas and the likes. I've installed Microsoft Excel 2007 in my Windows Vista laptop lately, Please help me with my concern. Thanks!

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How to use excel for business retail accounting


Hi Derick

Ms Excel is a useful program that lets the users to carryout quick calculations, Excel will automatically recalculate answer(s) whenever entries are entered on the cells. Am going to lead you on the 5 basic rules while using Formulas in Excel:

1. Always start with an equal sign (=). Excel formulas start with (=)

2. The answer is displayed on the cell where the formula was entered.

3. The symbols of multiplication,addition, subtraction and division are; * + – / respectively

4. Excel will automatically capitalise letters therefore their is no need to capitalise the formulas.

5. The formula entered on a cell is indentified by column-row i.e A2,C3


=C1*C6 this means cell C1 is mulplied by cell C6

=A7+A4 this means cell A4 is added to cell A7

=D3-D5 this means cell D5 is subtracted from cell D3

=E3/E9 this means the content cell E3 is divided by content cell E9 (NB: incase of an error a message written *DIV/O in a cell, you are trying to divide by null value or zero.)

=R5^2 this means that the content cell of R5 is squared


Multiple operations can be combined in one formula, use the parenthesis where necessary or you may fail to get the correct results.foreinstance;

=3*(A1 +D3)/2 the content cell of D3 is added to cell A1, divided by 2 then later on multiplied by 3

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