Microsoft excel Out of memory !

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My Microsoft Excel pops up a message saying that its out of memory!!

What should I do ?

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Microsoft excel Out of memory !


I will give you possible solutions for your problem

1. Please update your antivirus and have a full system scan ( You must have a Good and trusted Antivirus I recommend using Kaspersky and Norton)

2. Have a registry cleaner and fixer ( I will give you a link on the program that I am using Please download and install the program and Run it.

Click on the registry and scan for issues and it will fix it.

3. If still the error occurs try upgrading your RAM or have a flash drive that is 4Gb or 8Gb and use it on ready boost (for windows 7) 

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Microsoft excel Out of memory !


Hello Frankie,

I have a solution for your problem.

The only things you have to do are just move to the start and then select the option of run. After that you only type the word %temp% in the text area. It will open a window you only need to delete all the files in that window.

This will resolve your problem.

In case if you are using win-08 then you only needs to use CCleaner software.
And the last and least step is to just reinstall the software of MS Office with new one disk.

Hope so you will get your solution.

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Microsoft excel Out of memory !



Not enough memory on Microsoft excel does not mean there is no sufficient memory in your computer or drives. It means that memory available on the Microsoft excel to hold data or information has been filled up or application has run out of memory. In another word there is low virtual memory.

So,you have to increase virtual memory. But first try to uninstall the application,save to another location and delete the program folder.

Then  re-boot and re-install the application again. If it does not work then it may be happen due other causes.

But before uninstall and install,remember that the problem you faced,may be also due to Microsoft excel used much memory. So close all program including Microsoft excel and reopen Microsoft excel.

Please uninstall some other programs that are not important.

It may solve your problem.

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Microsoft excel Out of memory !


Thank you Cumba Som!

I did what you said and deleted all the files in the temp folder.

Thank you very much.

My excel works fine now.

Many thanks TechyV!

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