How to use Digital Signature PGP

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Many people with information technology background always use Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) in the bottom of their email. I think, it is a kind of digital signature.

My question is how to create my own digital signature or PGP? Can we use PGP if we use a free email provider like Yahoo or Gmail?

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How to use Digital Signature PGP


Hi there,

There is a way to have digital signatures if you are using a Gmail account and a Firefox browser.

It has this feature and scripts that allow you to modify the function on any web page and insert HTML email signature.

This software can be downloaded at this link.

Once downloaded and installed, Gmail interface will change in many ways:

1. It has an e-signature button when you reply or forward messages.

2. It has the ability to add HTML to signatures and allows you to turn on/off the floating of signature.


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How to use Digital Signature PGP


Yes you can, now the question is how can you do that? Just follow my below steps.

Go to My Live Signature link: (No need to register)

After loading this page, click on Click Here to Start. Then choose here what you want to do I mean if you want to draw a signature then click on Draw a signature straight to the screen. However, for an example I choose hereUsing the signature creation wizard. Click on that, in step one you have written your name or your initial (what you want), then click on the next step.

Then choose font then click on the next step.  Next you have to select the font size choose and click on the next step.  After coming next page here you can select colours after selecting colour click on the next step. Next you have to select a slope after selecting slope click on the next step.  After clicking on the next step your work have done.

For adding your signature in your Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail you need to install wise stamp after installing this see this video by click on this link:

Thank You!!!


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How to use Digital Signature PGP


PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is an encryption program that you can download for free or commercial use. TO set up PGP, note the following before starting:

1. Grab the most recent version of PGP that is compatible with your computer.

2. Unpack the file and then install it on your computer.

3. Create a good and strong secret pass phrase.

4. Make your own private and public keys.

5. Validate the public key that you just created.

6. Give your public keys to your friends.

7. Ask for your friends' public keys.

8. Upload your key to the key server.

You can obtain your PGP copy and its version depending on who you are and your location. If you are living in the U.S.A or Canada, you have three options to obtain it:

1. Purchase the commercial version from the Network Associates website.

2. You can ask for your friends for their copy of free PGP.

3. Download the freeware version over the internet.

If you live outside the U.S. or Canada, you can get a PGP copy without many restrictions.

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