How to use CL programming?

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I want to ask about the CL programming and As400. I’m new user of Cl and I want to create a new program in CL using commands. So what is called menu and where from I need to offer the values which is exact according to the application? And where I have to store the database files in whether in the As400 and direct in  CL commands?

Please suggest me the best method that will help me very much..


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How to use CL programming?


Hello Nana,

If the Control Language that you are talking about is C#, then it works by combining the computing power offered by C++ and the easiness offered by the visual basic programming, and it also has features that are derived from the java programming language. What this means is that the back-end code is mostly a mixture of C++ and java features but the front end will be mostly done with visual basic which offers a very easy way of creating the interface.

So you should be having some basic knowledge about the three programming languages: java, visual basic and C++ and how to manipulate their code.

Another thing to note is that C# works on the Microsoft.NET framework, so you should have it installed on your computer.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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