How to use an antispam relay server?

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Hello experts,

How to use an anti spam relay server? Tell me more about this anti spam relay server, its use and purpose on the computer system and in our email addresses. I would like to protect all my email security information as well as my computer operating system.


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How to use an antispam relay server?



Relay server is an open mail server that allows anyone to send an email through it. However with time they came to be exploited by Worms & Spammers hence were black listed by other servers or closed. The spammers would re-route their email through a third party email to avoid detection, hence the anti-spam relay server was launched to curb this menace.

Most service providers now use DNS based blocking list as an anti-spam relay server to detect and disallow mail from open relay server. It works in a way that it detects servers that allow third party to send email through them anonymously & black lists them to prevent any email coming from those sites. The Can Spam Act 2003 was introduced in the USA that states any email sent as spam from an open relay server.

Hope that sheds some light. 

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