How to upgrade my CPU?help

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Hey guys,

I want t ask some questions which I'm not clear about so need help please do answer me.

Firstly I want to upgrade my CPU. Is it possible to do so.

I have HP Pavilion PC and my CPU makes noise and also it has slowed down the reason I want to upgrade my CPU. 

So please tell me how to do it and is it possible or not?

Thanks in advance.

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How to upgrade my CPU?help


Hi Sean

To upgrade your CPU consider the following:

(a) What is the functionality you are looking at? Playing graphic games, Officer work, Watching media etc.

(b) According to each functionality, your hardware requirements change.

(c) Then comes your budget, more bucks more bang.

(d) The configuration you choose will depend on a cross comparison of your budget and desired functionality.

Lastly your if your CPU is making noise, that can be rectified separately.

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How to upgrade my CPU?help



Upgrading PC is possible depends on the requirement. Suggestions.

1. If the PC is older than 4-5 years, upgrading will cost you similar the price of a new CPU. I suggest you to go for a new CPU with the latest technology, which will run smoothly for the next 4-5 years.

2. As a PC ( generally CPU) is composed of Motherboard + Processor + RAM + Hard Disk, upgrading means, actually replacing these 4 parts with a new one.

3.Again upgrading is dependent on your future purpose of this PC. If you really in need of a PC, then only go for an upgrade.

4.Also note that once the upgrade is done, all the necessary soft wares including OS to be installed again.


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