How to Update Online Games at the same time?

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Hi Techyv IT Expert,

I am an internet cafe attendant, and maintain 100 units of PC. Part of my job is to update online games and it's difficult for me to finish updating in 1 day.  As I have said I have 100 units. I need your best idea on this.


Mildred Edward 

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How to Update Online Games at the same time?


Hi Mildred,

That's the common problem of the internet cafe on updating their units especially if they have a lot of units to update. Most of the online gaming sites don't advise their clients when to update. The reason why internet cafe owners can't prepare when to update there units, they will be surprise and that's the only time they update their units. If you have a bulk number of PCs, try to update it on the closing, update all units you have simultaneously once done try to test it 1 by 1. 

Don't forget to unfreeze your computer if install deepfreeze in your Operating Systems.

Freeze your computer after updating, if forget to freeze it some of your units will get virus once your customer browse on the internet.


Tony Stevenson 

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How to Update Online Games at the same time?



   You can make a game server that contains all games and share it with all your computers. You can do it by this:-

1 Select all games that run on your client computer but installed it on your server computer. Mainly games that run on client computer by shared hard disk of server.

2 Install those games on your server computer in a same folder.

3 share this folder to your network.

4 On your client computer access this share folder and find that installed games initializing file or exe file that which game run by.

5 Create there shortcut on client desktop or link their starting exe file the way you want.

  That’s done.

Users want to click on games shortcut to run these game. When you want to update then update only server’s game and not want to go every client computer.

Care full because it is very hard for once but magic and relief for future.

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How to Update Online Games at the same time?


Hi Edward,

You need to upgrade your bandwidth connection to update. Some other online games are too slow to update, it is normal. You can perform at a time by updating one computer instead of one by one computers. All you have to do is use a batch file (.bat) by using command prompt, to update multiple computers. Somebody use this method. I hope this will help you.

Best regards,


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