How to type in Tamil in Nokia e71

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Hello Guys,

How to type in Tamil in Nokia e71, Please do the needful for doing the same, if the feature is not in the particular handset. Is there any possibility for adding the same using any software. If so, please advise.

My Nokia e71 mobile phone has a default language of English but I want to try typing in Tamil using my mobile phone. Is there a way I can change it, please assist me while changing the settings of my mobile phone.

Regards, Annelforth

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How to type in Tamil in Nokia e71


Hello Annelforth,

Language packages (such as those using Tamil) can only be installed at Nokia Care Centers. Locate your local Nokia Care Center and request that the install the appropriate package. If you wish to view websites in Tamil then you will need to install the Opera Mini browser which can found here.

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How to type in Tamil in Nokia e71


Hi Annel,
To type in Tamil language, you will need to first check if Tamil language is available in your mobile.
To check if Tamil is an in-built option available in your mobile:
1) go to 'Menu' -> 'Settings'
2) Navigate to 'Language' option in it.
3) Click on 'Phone Language; option and a list of available languages in mobile will be displayed.
4) Search and select the 'Tamil' language option and select 'OK'
If Tamil is not available as in-built language in your handset, you will need to download and install a Tamil language software for Nokia.
To list a few of them, supported by Nokia mobiles,
    Tamil Pad
    Tamil Keyboard 1.0
    Kural Tamil Software 4.0
Follow the below steps to successfully install and use Tamil Language in your Nokia E71:
1) Download the setup file for the Tamil mobile software (any one from the above stated) and save it on your system desktop.
2) Connect your mobile to the computer using USB/data cable.
3) Initiate the Nokia PC Suite software to sync your computer and mobile phone. If you do not have compatible Nokia PC suite software, you can download and install it from
4) In the Nokia PC suite application, click on 'Sync Options' or a similar function available in the Nokia PC suite version.
5) Once the mobile is in sync with the computer, you will be able to check the mobile files on your system desktop.
6) Transfer the mobile setup file of the Tamil language software into your mobile.
7) Disconnect your mobile from the system.
8) Navigate to the folder/media directory where you had copied the setup file.
7) Install the software, following the installation instructions popped up in your mobile.
9) Switch off and switch on your mobile phone. It will start to function for Tamil language.

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How to type in Tamil in Nokia e71



Firstly, press the left soft key under the word "Menu" to open the main menu. The soft keys on the Nokia E71 perform the functions written above them on the screen. The E71 has a left and right soft key located to the left and right of the scroll key, and both have a "-" on them.

Secondly, highlight "Tools" using the scroll key and then press down on the scroll key to open the "Tools" menu.

Thirdly, Select "Settings," "Language" and "Phone Language." A list of available languages appears on the screen with a mark next to your current language selection.

Fourthly, Highlight "Tamil" using the scroll key and press down on the scroll key to mark your new language selection (Note if Tamil is not listed you will have to download additional languages from Nokia website)

Finally, press the left soft key under "OK" to save your new language setting and exit the menu.

I hope I have answered your question.

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