How to troubleshoot Microsoft Active Directory problems?

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Hi guys,

I got a problem today particularly about Microsoft Active Directory. I already emailed Microsoft technical support representative. They said it's an ongoing issue and now being tracked by Microsoft Product Support Services.
I thought I could trace the problem with my small knowledge of Active Directory limits. I tried to fix the thing but it just showed me the error messages above.

Can you help me troubleshoot this problem? Any answer will be very much appreciated. Thanks!


Active Directory operation failed on.  This error could have been caused by user input or by the Active Directory server being unavailable. Please retry at a later time. Additional information: Active Directory rejected paged search cookie because a cookie handle was discarded by a domain controller or a different LDAP connection was used on subsequent page retrieval. Restart paged search. Additional information: The parameter is incorrect. Active directory response: 00000057: LdapErr: DSID-0C09068F, comment: Error processing control, data 0,

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How to troubleshoot Microsoft Active Directory problems?



Active Directory functionality devolves on the appropriate conformation of the DNS substructure. This are:

DNS customer conformation, admitting domain accountants, domain appendages, and additional computers. DNS host and zone conformation and suitable delegations in nurture DNS zones. Presence of DNS region accountant locator records. Control DNS records and ascertain whether whole the essential DNS records of the origin domain restrainer subsist in the DNS host applied by the goal domain accountant. Whenever the goal domain restrainer is capable to solve the essential DNS records, the trouble is most expected with network connectivity or a barred or misfunctioning Active Directory-related service. Apply the Ping instruction to affirm network connectivity between the origin domain restrainer and the goal domain restrainer. Whenever the Ping bid betrays, you must troubleshoot network connectivity between the root domain restrainer and the goal domain restrainer. For more data almost troubleshooting network connectivity, see "transmission control protocol/internet protocol Troubleshooting" in the TCP/IP Core Networking Guide of the windowpanes 2000 host imagination Kit. Whenever you'll be able to ping the goal domain restrainer, troubleshoot Active Directoryrelated services. Affirm that they're began and operational. For more data about troubleshooting Active Directoryrelated helps, see "affirming Service wellness" in this guide, or see the private sections in that guide for each service.



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