How to transfer video from Linux to iPad 2 without delay ?

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When trying to transfer video from linux to ipad 2 is it normal to experience traffic latency and delay ?

May you please advise on such an issue ?



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How to transfer video from Linux to iPad 2 without delay ?


Just install this AMAZING!! application called Goodreader from App store and you are sorted.
(It is cheap even at 10 times its price, just priced at $ 0.99)
Not only it's an excellent document (PDF, DOC. etc.) reader it provides the simplest way to connect
to your pad by converting it into a WebDAV server instantaneously (over the WiFi). No USB required at all.

After install click on the Goodreader icon > Connect to Servers > Click on the Wireless icon on the bottom panel
This will provide you the connect URL and port for your iPAD.
You can then GOTO Ubuntu > Places > Connect to Server… > WebDAV (HTTP) and give the IP Address and port that you get for above step.

That's all. Create new folders, put your PDFs, docs even video files.

Thanking you
Franke Mary

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How to transfer video from Linux to iPad 2 without delay ?


If you’re on Linux and you have a video that you want to transfer to an iPad, try installing iTunes using Wine. Download the latest version of Wine from Wine HQ and install it on Linux. Once installed, start Wine then install iTunes from there. Another way you can install a Windows-based program on Linux is with a virtual machine.

Since most applications are Windows-based, the easiest way to install it is under Windows environment and you can do this by creating a virtual machine. Visit the VirtualBox download page and download the version for Linux distros. Once installed, start VirtualBox then create and configure a virtual machine that will run Microsoft Windows.

Once the virtual machine is created, install a version of Microsoft Windows on that virtual machine. Before installing Microsoft Windows, check the system requirements of the program you want to install then among the supported operating systems, pick one and install it on the virtual machine. Once Windows is installed, install the program. Download the latest iTunes for Windows on TechSpot.

It supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10. Windows Vista is not included. Once iTunes is installed, you can now begin transferring the video to your iPad.

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