How To Type Faster In PC

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How do I speed up all my typing works and save a lot of time by not searching for the next letter from the keyboard? It would help me not lag out on other work that I have to focus on, so can anyone help me?

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How To Type Faster In PC


So the only way you do that is by practice; without practice, you won’t be going to achieve this.

I think I can help you not to search for the letter on the keyboard. But for a faster typing without any errors would take a lot of typing, that doesn’t mean it would be impossible for anyone.

So I’ll try explaining these in steps:

  • Don’t ever look into the keyboard for letters.
  • Keep your left-hand index finger on top of the letter F and keep your right-hand index finger on top of letter J. Now spread all other fingers and keep it on top of the key next to the home key, now this is called as the home position. So before you start typing, do this step.
  • Say the word out loud while typing in the initial stage of your typing training this would help you to type the letters faster (TIP).
  • And try to remember the position of every letter. I would recommend you try out the free training lessons for faster typing this site also offers a lot of practice games.

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