How To Setup NPS (network Policy Server)? -Complete Steps Please

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Hi, I like to implement network access authentication to my clients using NPS (network policy server). So provideme required steps to setup NPS. Thanks in advance.

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How To Setup NPS (network Policy Server)? -Complete Steps Please


This is a long process for complete information browse Microsoft TechNet. I give a few steps

  1. Open server manager on the domain server (OSI-ADDS01). Select roles and features in the dashboard.
  2. Next, select installation type then select Role-based installation.
  3. Select destination server interface then click next.
  4. Enable Network policy and access services in select server roles.
  5. Next step in features, network policy and access services no changes are needed.
  6. Enable network policy server in role services.
  7. Click on install in conform installation selections then wait until installation was successful.Click on close.
  8. Now Click on Tools in service manager then click on Network Policy Server.
  9. NPS interface appears now, right click on NPS (local) and click on register server in active directory. You will get an NPS message box, click on ok.
  10. A subsequent NPS interface appears, click on Ok.
  11. Now configure NPS Templates. In the Network Policy Server console,right-click on Shared Secrets, and then click on New.
  12. A dialog box titled “New RADIUS Shared Secret Template” popups, in the Template name field type you can fill in any name you prefer, then in theShared secret, Confirm shared secret fields, type your preferred password and then click Ok.
  13. Now Right-click on RADIUS Clients, and then choose New.
  14. New RADIUS Client interface popup, in the Friendly name box, type OSI-NPS, later you need to key in the IP Address of the NPS Server, click on Verifyto confirm your IP Address, then click Resolve so that it will identify the correct IP Address, click OK to proceed.
  15. Next, New RADIUS Client interface setup, under Shared Secret, Select an existing Shared Secrets template area, select template name you gave in drop box, and then click OK.
  16. Now configure RADIUS accounting forlogging.
  17. On Accounting ConfigurationWizard, clickNext.
  18. Now you get Select Accounting Options interface, Select Log to a text file on thelocal computer, and then click on Next.
  19. On Configure Local File Logging interface, click Next.
  20. Click on next in summary interface.
  21. Conclusion message appears, click on close.
  22. Next, you need to configure and test our RADIUS Client. In the Network Policy Server console, expand RADIUS Clients and Servers, theright-click on RADIUS Clients, and then click New.
  23. New RADIUS Client interface setup, disable this RADIUS client check box, then enable Select an existing template check box. Verify your existing template is listed on the drop down list then clickOK.
  24. We have done installing & configuring NPS in our domain server which OSI-ADDS01 server. Still now you setup a server only. For deploy clients on theServer. Now you have to configure RADIUS client to do this check NPS Microsoft TechNet.

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