How To Know What Is My Ipv4 Address On The PC.

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Guys I have a project over Internet protocol address for my school and am selecting IPv4 as my topic. So can anyone explain to me what is IPv4 address and how to know what is my ipv4 address on my computer?

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How To Know What Is My Ipv4 Address On The PC.


Internet protocol or IP can be referred to as address of a computer or a peer in a network.
It is more like an addressing mechanism. Most of the networks are made up of TCP/IP where TCP or Transmission Control Protocol helps to maintain a virtual link or connection between the source and destination for quite some time.
IPv4 or Internet Protocol version 4 was created for use in packet-switched communication systems which are interconnected. Today it is one of the widely used IP by a computer to connect the internet. It prevails on a 32bit addressing system which allows over 4 billion address which is 2 to the power 32.
The easiest way to know your IPv4 is, Go to your web browser and search for “What is my IP”. And you can see your IPv4 at the top as shown below in the image.


You  can check or know about your IPv4 address by going to the following websites in your web browser:


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