How To Fix A Dns Server Error?

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I recently joined as a tester and on my first week, my job was to test one of the websites and there was a DNS server change that was done by the operations team. On the new server, they added an alias for the website. But when I tried to ping the website, I was still reaching the old website. I asked help from my colleague and he was able to test it successfully. Can someone help me steps on how to fix DNS server error on my laptop?

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How To Fix A Dns Server Error?


Congratulations on your new job. Before I explain how to fix dns server error, let me explain to you what DNS means. DNS refers to the domain name system and it works like a telephone directory wherein IP address will have a name associated with it.

You mentioned that the operations team had recently changed the DNS server.
There might be a couple of things here,

1. Your system probably still has old DNS configured

2. Probably, the DNS change replication was slow.

The first thing you should have done or could do next time is to make sure your DNS information is accurate.

1. Open start→run→ type ncpa.cpl
2. The network connection page will open.
3. Right-click on your network connection which is active
4. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and properties

5. In the Preferred DNS server, enter the name of DNS server obtained from your operations team. Click Apply and Ok.

If this does not resolve, then select obtain DNS server automatically And then open the command prompt and run “flushdns /force”. This will flush out the DNS cache which was previously pointing to the old website address and once flushed you should be redirected to the new one.

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