How To Connect Computer To Internet In An Easy Way?

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Hello all! I have a small request that I want a net connection on my PC. Till now, I have been using my mobile’s internet for this purpose, but now the necessity has increased. I have a service provider so, just tell me how to connect computer to internet?

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How To Connect Computer To Internet In An Easy Way?


The method to establish the connection depends on whether you have a DSL or Cable Internet Service Provider (ISP).

  1. For Cable Internet Connection-
  • Plug the modem into your computer.
  • Next, insert the telephone line into the wall socket, the other end being connected to modem.
  • Connect the plug of the modem to the electrical outlet for power supply, and let the device to turn on.
  • Test your Internet Connection by searching for a new website.
  1. Setting up a DSL Internet connection
  • Plug the modem into your computer and with the wall socket (phone line) also.
  • Connect the power cord to the wall electrical outlet also.
  • Open the browser, and type the modem’s IP address.
  • Contact your DSL ISP for the credential required to log in and enter the same.
  • Save the settings and check if the Internet light on the top of the modem has turned green.
  • Test your Internet connection by navigating to some Website.

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