How the Cisco CDR reporting software works the uses of the software

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What is meant by CDR? What is the use of Cisco CDR reporting software? How can we use its applications?

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How the Cisco CDR reporting software works the uses of the software


CDR stands for Call Detail Records. Whenever any computer or any device which connected to online is receiving the calls, they will be recorded which the CDR and made as report format and then can be used for the analysis for any purpose.
As we all know that Cisco builds everything which is mainly based on the terms of networking and network security. Similar way Cisco has also created this CDR for network security, Has we don’t what type of calls we may get from God knows where. This software records the Inbound and Outbound calls which are coming into the network and capture them and make them into a report/Record which can be further useful in the future for any sort of Ford committed by that call or know where the call as occurred. This software is mainly used in the Police force and Emergency purposes.


There are many features in the CDR which will help the people and the police or the emergency unit and also the business people or their company.
This software once installed it will record the calls and the say from where the calls have inbounded into the network.
Suppose least assume that there’s some house which is on fire or got robbed when they try pressing or calling for emergencies like 911 or 100 or any other emergency numbers and lost their connection in between without giving the complete information to the rescue team then this software will recognize from the call has come from and sets the GPS for the rescue Police force to reach out the people and help them.
It’s even useful in the field of business for some deals which may have been drop previously and when they wanted to resume the things they show them these call log details and continue their partnership and expand their business.
As we have already discussed there are many features in the CDR they are:
1. The CDR instantly searches and fetches the detailed information for whatever information we have looked on.
2. It quickly receives the emergency calls and responds to them.
3. It can even keep track of the scrambled calls like the conference calls and transferred calls.
4. It even knows when and where there occurred a packet loss and network latency and many others.
There is something called as CUCM with which we can do all these operations more frequently and work on more once this software is installed in the PC or connected to the network.
CUCM is known for Cisco Unified Communication Manger. Which helps us to capture the packets transferring on the network and help the call record using the CDR software to record and function accordingly.
Once we install the software, we can use many fields with which can us the filter options and find whatever we needed and make a record/ report accordingly to it.
This software is used for the business purpose to know the raise in their companies which provide them know about their statics and help them maintaining the record. Because CDR holds the information of the calls the company has been receiving and the deals that the company has made with the various companies. With the help of all these information, the CDR makes a report has the pie diagram or a bar graph which helps the companies to know where their company’s withstands in the years.
The use of the CDR is used for the emergency call alters the business purposes.

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