How to solve my different browser problems?

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I check my mail from different email id everyday.

Sometimes there is a option that I want to save my password in this computer or not.

Sometimes I understand or not but click on those button and my password saved.

So next time when me or other browser use this computer then that email id open automatically, also there my all search history saved in those browser like explorer and Firefox.

How can I solve this problem and how I overcome from it.

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How to solve my different browser problems?


All web browsers have the ability to save your user name, email address and password to add convenience on the task whenever you are required by the page to enter your personal details, the browser remembers your id and password and enters it automatically. This is a good option especially if you are too lazy to remember every accounts and passwords you have.

But this is only good if there is no one else using the computer besides you. If you frequently access your accounts in an internet shop or any publicly-accessed computer please avoid saving your passwords. In Mozilla Firefox, all saved passwords and IDs in the browser can easily be accessed by anyone who knows the way around inside its settings.

You can copy all the saved user accounts, email addresses and passwords. So, whenever you are using a computer inside an internet café if the browser asks you to save the password just click No so your personal account information won’t be saved in that machine.

Don’t worry about your search history in that browser as long as you completely logged out of your account and not saving your account information on that browser.

If you accidentally saved your ID and password in a Mozilla Firefox browser, you can remove it by following these steps:

  1. Click Tools.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click Security tab.
  4. Click Saved Passwords.
  5. Choose your ID from the list of saved accounts and then click Remove.
  6. Click Close if finished.

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