How should I resolve these issues?

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Why is it that a number of issues that had been present before I requested technical support from Cat Byte which seemed to have resolved a number of computer issues I had, is slowly coming back, and had, actually became worse?

Issues as follows also started thereafter:

1. It takes longer to shut down with lots of boxes prompting me to close programs that I can't see running;

2. My laptop freezes at least once a day, which forces me to manually switch it off, and, a number of times it hibernates while I'm working on the keyboard;

3. The laptop's audio is still mute. How should I resolve these issues?

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How should I resolve these issues?



First of all, your laptop should have a proper cleaning, and I mean that in the physical manner. Either you take it to a maintenance company, or do it yourself, it needs hardware cleaning.

Afterwards, I reccomend a full operating system reinstalling, formatting, and it would be preferable for you to save all you precious information on an external hard-drive first.

Be sure that when you reinstall your operating system you have a cd/dvd with all of the drivers neccessary in the install and also an antivirus. 

DO NOT connect your computer to the internet untill you have installed an antivirus.

When you want to bring back all of your saved data, do a scan on the external hard-drive and clean any viruses that may have been transported there.

You should be good to go!

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How should I resolve these issues?


Hello! Basically, you are facing a problem of hardware as well as software. You may be using archaic models machineries that’s why it’s performance is quite slow down day by day. Well, you can go to the nearest customer care of your PC and laptop. In the meantime, you have to update the necessary portion of your hardware system. If you don’t know about it, please go to an expert. On the other  hand, you need to care about software development. Please try to uninstall backdated software by using “Orbit” uninstaller. After restarting your PC, you can install a new version of window and you must use a powerful antivirus. Hopefully, your problem will be diminished. Take care!

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