How To Send Multiple Emails At Once To Save Our Precious Time.

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We can forward many emails at an instance. Though, this feature is hard to find, but we can use the filter dialog box to do so. We can create and store up to 15 filters in our account. These filters are saved and we can delete them according to our convenience. how to send multiple emails at once?

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How To Send Multiple Emails At Once To Save Our Precious Time.


1) Sign in to your Gmail account.

2) Go to search box, select the filter dialog box.

3) Type the email address of the sender like from:

4) Click on search.

5) Click on Create filter with the search. Filter options dialog box appears.

6) Click on add forwarding address link, and then click Add a forwarding address.

7) Type the email address of recipient.

8) Click on forward it.

9) Click on also apply filter to X messages.

10) Click on Create filter.

The messages selected, will be sent to the recipient. Other way is as follows:

1) Open a new tab in your browser.

2) Go to Settings at the top-right of the window.

3) Go to settings.

4) Click on extensions.

5) Scroll down and select get more extensions.

6) In chrome web store search, type multi-forward for Gmail.

7) From the list, search multi-forward from Gmail and then click on Add to Chrome.

8) Click on add extension.

9) After the download is complete, at the top right click on the arrow icon.

10) Click on sign in.

11) Click on continue. When the pop-up window appears, select Allow.

12) Go to your email inbox.

13) Select the emails that you wish to forward. Click on the arrow present.

14) Enter the email address of recipient.

15) Click on multi-forward.

16) Your multiple emails are successfully sent to the recipient.

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