Web site certificate problem for Gmail

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Every time I try to enter gmail.google.com I get the same message:

Web Site Certified by an Unknown Authority

Unable to verify the identity of gmail.google.com as a trusted site.

Possible reasons for this error:

– Your browser does not recognize the Certificate Authority that issued the site’s certificate.

– The site’s certificate is incomplete due to a server misconfiguration.

– You are connected to a site pretending to be gmail.google.com, possibly to obtain your confidential information.

Please notify the site’s webmaster about this problem.

Before accepting this certificate, you should examine this site’s certificate carefully, Are you willing to accept this certificate for the purpose of identifying the web site gmail.google.com?

Examine Certificate…

Accept this certificate permanently

Accept this certificate temporarily  for this session

Do not accept this certificate and do not connect to this website."

I recently switched to Firefox browser from Internet Explorer, but I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the problem.

It's been coming up as a problem before but now it's so often it's impossible to check my mail daily.

Thank you very much for your support.

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Web site certificate problem for Gmail



There is a big possibility that this is created by cookies.

Cookies are data that are stored on your computer by the visited website, so that on your next visit it knows what you did last.

Maybe you visited some malicious site or opened unknown email attachment from which it came.

Now, these cookies are driving you away from gmail.google.com to some other site and your browser caught the trick.

I suggest you to clean the browser cookies by a good spam cleaner like CCleaner (http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner).

The second case is less likely to happen.

You may be using a wireless connection(WiFi) and it got manipulated by intruder. If this is the case, change your network password or if you are using open network, make it a secured one.


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Web site certificate problem for Gmail


Your system is facing a time problem within your system. It is not because of the web browser or anything, it's because your time is adjusted way back.

Solution 1:

Change the system time that matches the time and date in your country. Then try browsing once again, this error should not pop up again because you already have the necessary requirements to browse it now.

Solution 2:

Change your CMOS battery because it might be the one that is causing the big problem. You can also adjust the system time in the BIOS setup. That is much better to do, than doing the adjust in system without changing the CMOS battery time.

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