How to save documents from C#.Net to Quicker

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 My company just started using Quicker as a document depository. My first test was to figure out how to gathered existing document attachments for the change, but it can be made manually if necessary. The bigger problem is I need a method to let users save attachments using my new WPF application. I found a web server that gathers docs from Quicker but it's useless because it doesn't save. I'm trying to convert to WPF from a Lotus Notes application. The old Notes application contains numerous attached documents (Word, Excel, Pdfs etc). I know that there is a REST ATOM API but I have not found any helpful documentation or samples written in C#. Where is documentation explaining how to save using C#.Net to Quicker?

I need any suggestions from anybody on how to save documents from C#.Net to Quicker?

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How to save documents from C#.Net to Quicker


What you need to note is that the text files that you are using will provide a common denominator format so that both people and programs will be able to read and understand get to understand them. The .NET Framework is used, and it are convenience classes which are used to make the reading and writing process for text files to be easier.

A simple format that shows the basic steps that you are supposed to work with when using the text files is as indicated below:

  1. First you will need to open the file
  2. And then you will choose the Read/Write to the file option
  3. When you are done, you will then close the file

As simple as that, you will have listed the files.

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