How safe is to use MongoDB and its features

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Which language is used to develop MongoDB? Is MongoDB and BSON similar?How is it related to JSON? What is a NoSQL database system? Can I create an Index of any field by using MongoDB? What is the advantage of File storage system in MongoDB? What is GridFS? How does mongosniff work? What is Mongo Management Studio? What is capped collections? Can I use Aggregated function such as order by, group by? How is it different from Mysql database? Thank You

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How safe is to use MongoDB and its features



              The Mongo DB features include, Document oriented means business subjects are breakups multiple structures, and it stores the minimal number of documents, storing title and author information and more intuitive, easier work with, The Adhoc queries are regular expression searches, specific field document also user defined functions.

              It provides replication, which enables replica sets two or more copies of data. The primary replica can perform all default functions. Any field can indexed by the documents structure.

              Finally the Java script can be used for queries, functions and sent directly to the database.

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