How to run dvd rip xvid file?

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Does anyone know how to run a DVD rip xvid file?

I would like to know of the applications I can use to play files of the .xvid extension. 

I have tried using Windows Media Player 10 but I get an error message about the required codec's not being installed.

Thank you.

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How to run dvd rip xvid file?


Hello there the easiest application you can use that supports most video file extensions is VLC (Video Lan Client). Its very easy to download,you can get it online for free & download and it very easy to use and regularly updates itself to the latest updates whenever you are online. Therefore you don't worry much about it getting outdated. It also installs easilyonly takes a few minutes.

Hope i have been helpful.

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How to run dvd rip xvid file?



As I mentioned in my previous answer, all you need to do is to download the k-lite codec pack. You can get almost all of the codecs by installing this software, and you can find it at

After you download it simply install it and it will guide you through the process.

You may be required to restart your computer.

After that, check the video file you want and now you can play it without any errors.


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How to run dvd rip xvid file?


You receive that error because the media player you are using cannot find a suitable or compatible codec on your system to play the file or video you selected. Windows Media Player doesn’t support the Xvid video format by default. If you have a video in this format, you can fix the problem by installing the needed codec or use a different media player.

The easiest way to fix the problem is to install the necessary codec. Try downloading K-Lite Codec Pack Mega. This mega variant of the K-Lite codec pack is the largest of the four variants: basic, standard, full, and mega. This codec pack provides everything that you need to play all your audio and video files.

This codec pack also includes ACM/VFW codec which can be used by video encoding/editing programs. This codec pack includes Media Player Classic so you can immediately play your files. The latest version at the moment is K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 15.0.9. For Windows XP Service Pack 3, the latest and last compatible version is K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 13.8.5.

You can also use MPlayer for Windows or download the latest VLC media player.

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