How richard burns rally create 3d?

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I want to add terrain in 3d and use GPS for importing speedometer (kilometers). I also want to do some extra 3D functions with the track. How richard burns rally create 3D? Please help me with this. Can richard burns rally will be helpful to do this kind of tasks?

Thank You.

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How richard burns rally create 3d?


Hi Wallace,

3d's Max is an application used in designing 3 dimensional virtual objects, including terrain. When you create terrain, a basic thing to do is to deform a plane with height map. I will just mention it one by one.

1. Make a height map- look for something that has an element of randomness and pattern at the same time. A JPEG photo of a blue sky with clouds is the best example for that.

2. Create the terrain surface- Open 3d Max under the menu " create and sub menu Standard primitives. Click and drag across the grid but change parameters.

3. Add a modifier- Select the Plane and then displace modifier from the control panel. Click the Bitmap button and upload your height map

4. Manually Deform the terrain- Add "edit poly" then paint deformation then press the Push/pull button to use brush paint to lower bumps or raise valleys

5. Explore the Parameters- explore more on displace and edit poly. 

For more information you can also refer this link, 

And for Richard Burns Rally links,

Another link is,

Hope this help.

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