How to resolve problems in Event Viewer

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I have encountered an issue in Event Viewer saying the platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition.

Please check for updated firmware for your system. What should I do with this?


Event Properties – Event 12, HAL

General Details

The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition.

Please check for updated firmware for your system

Log Name: System                                   Logged: 18.01.2012 09:59:19

Source: HAL                                                Task Category : None

Event ID: 12                                                  Keywords:   (1)

Level: Error                                                  Computer: MacbookPro

User: N/A

OpCode: Info

More Information: Event Log Online Help

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How to resolve problems in Event Viewer



Everything was acting great on my simple machine after I established Windows seven x64, but about a month ago, I'd sometimes have a trouble wherever once the computer had gone to bed it would not wake up. When I awakened the machine, the mouse would dork over the screen and after unlocking the machine, it was almost inoperable. With operation adventurer running, I could see the machine abiding from a DPC force (Deferred Procedure Call) wherever one of the 4 CPUs was enclosed essence style. In order to acquire the machine back, I'd have to force power off the machine. The trouble was very periodic but I did sometimes see the a HAL fault 12 in the case Log: The platform microcode has bribed memory over the previous arrangement power conversion. Please check for updated microcode for your arrangement. Most of the articles of the trouble were related to SATA drives on average PCs and for Apple computers some believed it was associated NVIDIA graphics drivers.

As I've an ATI card in the machine that decidedly was not the trouble I was ascertaining. As it was so occasional, I didn't care about the wake from sleep trouble immoderate. Until last week, i.e.. The week before I'd had 2 examples wherever it wouldn't wake from sleep. What was strange about those was that after I accommodated the ability button down the resume the machine, the machine was depicting the same adverted auguries when Windows began. It accepted a couple of reboots before I acquired the machine resumed correctly. At the beginning of last week, I had three cases where I bogged down in the binary ability reprocesses. I did acknowledge that when resuming the machine from a adhered sleep state, that whenever Windows didn't play the startup sound, the machine was abiding the DPC force and lumbering in was almost inconceivable. By the end of the week, I had totally lost the power to wake from sleep. Whenever the machine did sleep, I'd have to do 5 or 6 ability cycles and occasionally go into Safe style to get a acting computer.

Things were decidedly not happy. I adjudicated dormant, but now when I resumed the machine it would advert bushel ling from hibernation. The strange matter is that in both causes, there were no faults at all in the effect log associated to any trouble with waking up or anything else. As I had to acquire some act done once I got the machine began and working, I switched off sleeping until I had a chance to appear at the trouble. My believing was that this was feeling like computer hardware troubles so to test that conjecture I rebooted into OS X and adjudicated all the same sleep alternatives. Everything worked like absolutely and no matter how I adjudicated sleeping the machine, it all of the time woke right back up. Nowadays I was finding that this was a software effect, but what could it be? I looked at all the established software and the last device driver I installed was when I installed Windows 7 on the machine.

Since I could get the DPC force at will now, I calculated the only thing I could do was to assemblage a kernel debugger and begin debugging the close down and arouse. That was decidedly not a aspect that I was looking forward to doing as that had "pain in the butt" composed all over it.



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How to resolve problems in Event Viewer



This can be occurred when the memory is corrupted due to exception in physical memory. If there is a sleep reliability issue on your system this will occurs. Operating system doesn’t save system data which is lower than 1MB. In this case Memory occurs memory corruption. To solve this, you have to check your memory. I will give a link. Go to that link and download it. Link is shown below.

 Then check your memory. It will solve your problem or you can try another memory diagnostic s tool. There is a tool in your operating system. You can also try this tool.

Click Start > Control Panel > Memory > Click Diagnose your computer’s memory problems.

If you want more information about this scenario please go to the link given below.


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