How to resize images batch image ready through Photoshop

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I got 2000 photos, 20 MB each. The problem is, i need to upload them. I need to lower the file size by minimizing the image size. However, it will consume a lot of my time if I do this manually. Is there a way on how to resize images batch image ready through photoshop?

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How to resize images batch image ready through Photoshop


Follow these steps:

  • Go to:  Choose File > Scripts > Image Processor.  The image processor dialog will then show you a four-step process.
  • In the previous dialog box, choose whether to resize the images which are already open in Photoshop, or you can click "Select Folder" and select the folder of the images to be resized.  Select "Include all Subfolders" to include subfolders.
  • In the same window, choose the location where you want to save the images.  If you choose to save them in the same location or with the same names, don’t worry, they will not be overwritten.
  • Then choose the file type to save in.  Set the Quality value in the range of 0-12, with 12 for the highest quality.  If you want better color select "Convert profile to sRGB", and make sure that "Include ICC Profile" is checked.  It’s at the foot of the dialog box.
  • If you want to resize the image, just check "Resize to Fit" to adjust the width and height.
  • If you want to save it in other format, select the checkbox so that it will be saved while being processed.
  • Click "Run" when you are ready to automatically open it.
  • To see your resized images, choose File > Open and go to the folder that you want the images to be saved in. The subfolder will be named according to the format of the processed image.
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How to resize images batch image ready through Photoshop



Hi Helenmarmstead,

The answer is “Yes, you can”. You can do it by using function “action” in Photoshop. That means you resize or edit one image, and all steps you do will be recorded, then you apply that action for other images.

Create Action: Open one image > go to menu Window > Action > create new action, and give it a name > click on Begin Recording button > go to menu View > Image Size… > choose your new size, resolution… > click OK > click on Stop Recording button

Apply Action: Open other image(s) > go to menu Window > Action > click to choose the action you have just created > click on Play Selection button.

Hope this helps

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