How to reset intel raid default password?

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Hi guys,

I just want to ask if how to reset Intel raid default password?

There is some password that already set to another password which is not the default one and resetting is the best thing to do for me to be able to know the default password right?

I just want to know more about this I hope you can help me fix this problem.


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How to reset intel raid default password?


Hello Marry,

Think you are facing a problematic situation associated with resetting password, removing the default password after find out the way. Here i am going to instruct you in brief to successfully done the problem. You didn't mention about your operating system and version of it.

Primary procedure:

In case of Windows 2000 service pack 2 or later versions,

  • Use Setpwd.exe in changing the SAM based Admin password.
  • First you should change system rootsystem 32 folders by typing setpwd and then > Enter.
  • At changing SAM-based Admin password on a remote domain controller type setpwd / s: servername and > Enter.
  • During prompted type new password and in case of mistake you have to repeat the same procedure.

A secondary procedure:

If Directory service restore mode Admin password can change by the following way.

  • During change password you have to shut the domain controller down.
  • At restarting PC, view advanced startup options pressing F8 > choose a directory service restore mode option.
  • And after log on change the local admin password by typing at command “net user administrator *” or use Lusrmgr. msc (groups snap) to change the admin password.

Tertiary procedure:

When the directory service restore mode admin pass. Is unknown can easily change it after typing net user administrator 101010 and this process will help to change password to 101010.

Best of luck.

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