How to replace a particular word in Microsoft excel file?

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I believe that you will understand my problem carefully. I have a Microsoft excel file comprises of about hundred of sheets. 

These sheets include many details. Sometimes I have to change same word which is everywhere in the excel file.

It is difficult to replace one by one.

How can I replace all those words to another word quickly?

Is there any easy way?

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How to replace a particular word in Microsoft excel file?


Yes, there is an easy way in order to change (replaces) one word to another in the entire excel file in Microsoft excel. Let see how we can do that. I will explain it through an example.

In the below excel sheet, we will just think that we want to edit the month as “July”

See the below image.

MS Excel

We can you use the find and replace option in this case.

In order to do this; hold the “Ctrl” key and type the “F” key. Then the find and replace window will be appeared.

Find and Replace

Click on the replace tab and type the word “June” in finding what box. Type the word “July” in replacing with box.

MS Excel

Now click on replace all, click OK and close the window. Now you can see the word “June” has been changed to “July” in everywhere.

MS Excel
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How to replace a particular word in Microsoft excel file?


Hi Jack,

I understand your problem and I know the tedious ways that the Excel Inbuilt Find and Replace tool is there is then 


This is an addin from Which you install on your computer.

After installation, Find and Replace appear on a tab in Excel 12007/2010 while in Excel 2003 on the menu bar.

With this add on you can search you can simultaneously search and replace Excel Values, formulas, hyperlinks and comments.

  • On the tab or menu bar select Find and Replace 
  • Type the word to search, also select workbook to check the word. Click on Check All to find the word in all worksheets or Uncheck all not to find the word in any workbook or worksheets to search or select Active Sheet in the within options to search only the active sheet (sheet you are using) in the current workbook.


If you don't need to replace the same word with different words, which the above Addin is intended to do, you can use the inbuilt excel Find and Replace and Click on Replace all to replace the several words with the same word. This can be done as follows;

If using Excel 2007/2010, 

Go to the Home tab

Click on Editing item, from here you can see Find and replace items at the top box.

If using Excel 2003/2002, 

Under the Menus tab, click the Edit Menu.

A dropdown menu will appear and then you can see the Find and Replace at the bottom of the menu box. 

When you Open the Excel Dialog Box, you can click find to find the first occurrence of the word, it requires you to click find Next button to see each occurrence of the word before clicking the replace button to replace that instance. If you click find all it you will be given a list of items found but those in the current workbook. Replace all replaces all instances of the found words with the word written.

I bet you are finding it tedious because you are using the Excel built in find and replace option, you can use the advanced option by installing the add-on.

Hope I was able to help.

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