Excel Terminating Abnormally without clicking Close Button.

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I am using Microsoft Office 2007, today I encountered a problem using MS Excel. Firstly I opened a file in Excel and after a few seconds, I connected to the Internet through WiFi. Now when I returned back to my Excel file, it started hanging up, and later on, it asked to save the file, as I clicked on Yes button, the Excel application got Abnormally Terminated. I didn't clicked the close button, despite that this all happened. So please tell me, why my Excel application is closed and what could be the reason behind this problem ? 

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Excel Terminating Abnormally without clicking Close Button.


I’m not sure if the problem has really something to do with connecting your computer to the internet via Wi-Fi connection. That doesn’t cause a problem on any Microsoft Office applications. The reason why Microsoft Office Excel asked you to save the file is because the application has become unstable and needs to close.

So, normally, when a program encountered an error and needs to terminate and it has a file opened, it will ask the user to save the file so any changes made to the file or project will not be lost. Since your computer is already connected to the web, try starting Microsoft Office Excel again and then open a file.

See if the same error appears. I think that error is only random and should not happen again after restarting the program. You should also check if your computer has enough RAM to run multiple applications. Normally, Microsoft Office applications become unstable and perform very slow if you have a very low memory and you open multiple programs.

In this case, you should install more RAM to improve the performance of the machine and for applications to run smoothly.

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