How to repair corrupt video

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I am looking for an amazing program which helps me to extract video frames to still images. Please note that, I want to fetch still images from the corrupted. video or corrupted movie files.

Please help me and provide me the best solution for extract images corrupted avi video

Also tell me if there is a way I can repair corrupted video.

I am using windows xp sp3.


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How to repair corrupt video


For you to play the corrupted file, you can use VLC which is capable of repairing broken AVI index.

You can also try DivFix or a more recent DivFix++ which you can also use to fix the corrupt file.

There are other lots of program that can fix a broken AVI index, just search them on Google and you will be surprised.To extrack pictures from a clip, you can use VLC which has a snapshot button. Vlc also has an advanced feature that lets you extract all frames in a video as pictures. I oder to do this run the following command in the command prompt.

C:VideoLANVLC>vlc "" –video-filter=scene

   –vout=dummy –start-time=1 –stop-time=5 –scene-ratio=1

   –scene-prefix=img- –scene-path=C:images vlc://quit

VLC supports a wide variety of file formats.

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How to repair corrupt video


Hello Mr. Travis,

In order to extract images from the corrupted AVI files you have to repair the files first. Download Fix Player MovieToolbox to repair your broken AVI files. It is a very useful freeware to repair AVI files. You can also try Digital Video Repair or DivXRepair for fixing damaged AVI files.

Download AVI Decomposer to extract frames from your AVI files. It is a great free utility to decompose each frame of AVI files into JPG images.

Also note that VLC Media Player is a very good player to play corrupted or damaged files. VLC lets you to extract frames from videos through a command line. For more information Please go here.

Hope this helps.

Best regards.

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