How to remove unused Anti-Virus?

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How to remove the Anti-virus previously installed in my computer since I want to install a new one?

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How to remove unused Anti-Virus?


Hi Ajfa03,

It is easy to remove Antivirus. 


– In Windows, Click the Start button

– Go to All programs

–  Search for the antivirus

– Click and choose Uninstall

– A window will appear so just follow instructions.

– Once the uninstall has completed, Restart your pc and now you can install a new one.


– In Windows, Click the Start button

– Go to Control Panel

– Double click Add/Remove Programs

– Look on the list for your antivirus in the currently installed program

– Click Remove/Uninstall

– If you are prompted to confirm the removal, click Yes


– Click the antivirus and look for uninstall button and click it right away.

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How to remove unused Anti-Virus?


I got surprised when I saw the title of your post asking on how to remove “unused” antivirus. Adding the word “unused” in the title of the question seems odd since it is impossible for an antivirus application to become “unused” if you installed it on your computer. Maybe you thought it was unused because you haven’t actually used it on scanning something on your computer. That idea is wrong.

When you install an antivirus program on your system, the moment you were asked by the setup wizard to restart your computer after successfully installing it, you begin using the software. Even if you didn’t do any file scanning or virus scanning on your machine using the antivirus, you are already using it every time you start your computer. And of course, like any other application, removing it from your system is very simple. It can easily be removed from the Add or Remove Programs applet of the Control Panel. Here’s how it is:

  • Click Start then Control Panel.
  • Click Add or Remove Programs.
  • Find and select your antivirus then click “Remove” or “Change/Remove” whichever is available then follow the succeeding on-screen instructions.
  • Restart your computer when asked and you’re done.

You can now install your new antivirus software after rebooting the system.

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