How to remove extra toolbars on Google chrome?

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My sister has modified the default settings of default browser. I could get back to the original one including default home page. But I am getting trouble in hiding specific toolbars that have been installed. I am unable to hide toolbar named Brothersoft as there are no options like view in Chrome. Kindly provide guidance on how to get the original scenario without un-installation of Chrome or removing cookies and default settings.

Thank you.

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How to remove extra toolbars on Google chrome?

I have the simplest solution for your question:You have to note that those toolbars are not viewable ones, but are additional installations made with the Chrome software. They are additional softwares. It's very easy to remove these toolbars. Simply:
  • Go to control panel through start -> settings in xp.
  • Open add or remove programs.
  • In the list that pops-out select the required toolbar that you want to remove. Examples are asking toolbar, Brothersoft toolbar etc.
  • Just click the remove option,and you can uninstall it. Now open your Chrome browser, you won't find the toolbar.
Thus you have removed the toolbar.
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How to remove extra toolbars on Google chrome?

Hi Amith,
You can just enable/disable installed toolbar in Google Chrome with just simple steps:
  1. Open your Google Chrome
  2. Click settings button the " WRENCH ICON" located top right below the close button.
  3. Go to TOOLS, and click the submenu EXTENSIONS
  4. Click DISABLE to disable the toolbar or UNINSTALL if you want to uninstall completely the toolbar.
Just restart Chrome afterwards.
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How to remove extra toolbars on Google chrome?


The best way of restoring or resetting a toolbar is to uninstall it from the web browser. When you install a toolbar on your web browser, you can always find it in the Add or Remove Programs applet in Control Panel just like with any installed applications on your computer. So, if you want to reset the Brothersoft toolbar of your Google Chrome web browser, go to Control Panel then Add or Remove Programs. Select Brothersoft from the items on the window then hit Remove.

But before uninstalling it, be sure that you still have its installer with you. You can also uninstall the toolbar right from Google Chrome. Open Google Chrome then click on the wrench icon located on the rightmost corner of the browser, select Settings then Extensions. Or, you can also go directly to it by clicking on the wrench icon then point your mouse over to Tools then clicking on Extensions. Find Brothersoft then click on the trashcan icon opposite to it to finally remove that extension from the browser. Just install it back afterwards.


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