How to recover deleted data

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I have lost important data from my laptop's hard drive. I tried to use data recovery software, but I was unable to restore them. I need the right solution. I am 100% sure that my hard disk is working fine, but I accidentally formatted one of the partitions of my hard drive. I checked the recycle bin, but my data was not there.

What should I do?

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How to recover deleted data


Hi Breshkai,

It looks like a big issue for you, since recovering data from hard drives can be a painstaking process. I will however, give my thoughts on ways to recover your data. Let’s hope that one of the applications I will mention does the trick for you.

  • R-Studio Data Recovery is at the top of my list, because it does not only work on Windows, but on Mac and Linux as well. It does sector based scans to recover files easily, although damaged or overwritten data may be difficult to recover in some cases.
  • If you accidentally deleted a file, or have lost data due to virus infection then Recuva is for you. It has an enabled deep sector scan to find damaged files, as well as undelete and recover files deleted via the recycle bin. It also has support for accidentally deleted emails from Outlook, recovery of music files from iPods, and images from digital camera devices.
  • A stand-alone application that needs some mention is Restoration, a free program that can recover recently deleted files from the recycle bin. It should recover most files based on my experience, although you will need something more comprehensive for difficult to recover cases.
  • If your hard drive partition is NTFS, you may want to try out Stellar Phoenix NTFS Data Recovery that can recover missing files even from previous partitions that were lost due to formatting. Other features include the ability to clone whole hard disk images, saving scan results for future recovery purposes, raw recovery based on specific file types, and support for compressed NTFS file system.
  • Open source enthusiasts can bank on the procedure found here, that allows recovery via the use of a Linux Live CD and using “ntfsundelete” to restore missing files provided that they are on an NTFS partition.
  • For simple users without any deep technical knowledge, Disk Internals has its own data recovery software that automatically does the job for you. Just click scan and search, or use the wizard to guide you on a step by step basis. Please be patient during disk recovery, as it takes a long time for some applications to completely scan the whole partition. Time duration doubles for partitions that have been formatted/reformatted several times. All the old files from those old partitions may appear on the scan results.
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How to recover deleted data


Dear Breshkai,

I have seen that many people lose their data or necessary files due to disk formatting or virus problem. And there are some solutions regarding this problem. As you enclosed that you have formatted your hard disk and all your data are missing well, this is a genuine problem. I’m suggesting some possible solutions which may be helpful to you.

1. Hard disk or hard drive is a crucial device. It’s really complicated and it only works by using a circuit board. The problem that occurs with hard drives are sometimes due to faulty circuit board. We need to find out whether it is the problem with hardware that is causing you from not recovering your data.

2. Sometimes it so happens that the platters of the hard disk may get loose from the copper wire. You have to check the hard disk. You have to listen to the sound of your hard drive at the start up of the computer. The platters of your hard disk should be spinning. Otherwise, there is a problem with your hard drive. Your Hard Drive is in need of Data Recovery.

3. Since you have formatted your hard drive, the recovery of your data can cost you more because the technicians requires disassembling the drive to get the data back.

  • Hard drive data recovery is sensitive, that’s why you should take good care of your hard disk. It means that the work must be done in a dust free room.
  • The hard disks is also sensitive, and you must handle it well, so the damage will not occur.

4. When you are determined that you want your data back and you would take help of data recovery, then make the payment fixed. 

  • Ask quotation for your hard disk from the recovery specialist.
  • Send it to well known or Expertise Company.
  • Tell all your requirements and what you have already attempted to recover the data.

5. MiniTool Power Data Recovery software: It’s an awesome software. The hard disk’s data can be recovered. It is also useful for CD/DVD disk and at the same time for USB port and memory card. If you delete any data accidentally then it can be recovered by this software.

6. Nuclear Data Recovery Software: This is an awesome tool for data recovery. It finds out which data is deleted and recovers it afterwards, boots sector files and USB drives.

As you can see, data recovery can be done by Data Recovery Specialist or it can be done through software.

Hope you'll find these solutions effective.


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How to recover deleted data


I have a doubt that you will no longer be able to recover all those data you have lost on the drive that you accidentally got formatted. For hard drives that got accidentally formatted, there is still a solution of recovering the data stored in it sometimes by un-formatting it which is available in some disk utility applications like Norton Partition Magic and PowerQuest Partition Magic.

These tools offer users the ability to possibly un-format the hard drive and still recover the data stored in it.

But even if these software provide this function, it still doesn’t guarantee that your data can be recovered because recovering of data relies on several factors like no new data are copied on the hard drive after deleting it or formatting it.

Because if new data are copied or transferred on to the drive after you accidentally formatted it, you have a very low chance of recovering them and worse no possibility of recovering them. If your computer has 2 partitions, C and D, and you accidentally formatted D you can still recover the data by installing any of the applications mentioned above.

Make sure that no data are copied to D since you formatted it. Install Partition Magic to drive C and then check drive D if there is still a chance of recovering the files or un-formatting the drive.

You can download Norton Partition Magic from Norton Partition Magic.

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