How do I low format USB boot drive?

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I found a lot of bad sectors in my 64G Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0?  Is there a tool or program for low format USB boot drive?  I hope that it's not permanently damaged.  My OS is Windows XP 64 bit.

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How do I low format USB boot drive?


Hello Dear,

I had faced this problem also, so I did very hard research for its solution then I found a solution. The solution was a software which named as “HDD Low level Format Tool 4.25”.

This program is freely available. This software also deals with SD and memory stick flash cards. Its format speed is 50 Mb per second. It will surely drive-up and run your drive. You can download this software from this website.

There is a very useful written article written, you need to check the article.

Hope this will help you.

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