How to protect my computer from virus in pen drive

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I am using pen drive in my computer.

But I noticed that many of the deadly viruses spread easily through the use of pen drive.

Now I need safety tips on how to protect the computer from virus infection by pen drive.

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How to protect my computer from virus in pen drive

Tips to prevent laptops, desktops from USB sticks and also for safe usage of USB pen drives from the back end.
There are different types of virus that exist which are not detected by many AV programs that resides in pen drives which affects the systems when using autoruns.
Follow the below steps and protect your devices.
  1. Go to Start > Run > cmd – a command line console window will be opened.
  2. Open USB drive by just typing the drive letter at the command prompt e. g.: h:
  3. Now type this command dir/w/o/a/p and press enter.
  4. You will get some files which can be virus related files like autorun.inf, newfolder.exe, info.exe, images.bat etc.
  5. If you find any of these files it's better to smash it from the core.
  6. Run this command.
Attrib – h – r – s – a *.* and hit enter and now delete each file using del command del < filename > .
Now scan your USB drive with any antivirus program to make sure that your pen drive is virus free.
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How to protect my computer from virus in pen drive


If you need to protect your files then you can make archive of these files through the program WinRAR and keep then in your pen drive and virus will not infect these files. But if you need your pen drive free of virus then you can install a ready-made installed virus program to your USB which is in effective and up to date. Moreover you can update your virus program at regular basis to make sure no virus infect your pen drive.

Once you have installed the antivirus then run a full scan to your PC and also to your pen drive so that the virus is completely removed from your PC and whenever you attach to a PC then first run a virus scan on your drive and then perform any other task on your drive. It will solve your problem for virus and it will also remove the previous virus from your drive.

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