How to Protect Microsoft Office Documents

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I have an assignment at school regarding the use Microsoft office products. Our assignment is how to lock important documents and keep it safe from other users. Preventing them from: Viewing, Editing, and Copying. Help will be most appreciated. Only use the built in functions of Microsoft office and the use of other software are forbidden. Please give me step by step instructions. I am not very good at this.

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How to Protect Microsoft Office Documents


Hi Jeff, if you want to lock a files in MS Office Application, you can use the Password Protect functions, located in the saving point of your MS Office Applications. Here's how to do it (I'm using MS Word 2007): 

1. On the Office button of your Window hit "Save" or "Save" AS if it is saved already. On the Save As or Save command box, click "Tools" button then "General Options.

2: On the General Option command box, type desired password to open and modify.

3. Click "OK" button.

4. It will then ask you to reenter the password to open/modify.

After this, every time you open the file it will ask password first. In this way no one can modify or read your files unless given the password you set forth. I hope this will help you in any ways. ^^,

Password setting for Ms office 2007
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How to Protect Microsoft Office Documents


It is pretty easy when you use Microsoft Office 2007 and the 2010 Office. Follow this procedure below:

1. Click the Microsoft OfficeSave document in Microsoft Office 2007 and the 2010 Office Button 

2. Then select the Prepare option, then there will be some more menus on the right side.

3. Now choose the option with the word Encrypt Document. Then just simply type the password that you want to set.

4. Now try opening you newly protected document and it should work perfectly.

5. To remove the password just go to same procedure, and retype you password. Close it and open it again and you will see that it will not ask for any passwords anymore.

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