How to produce Multichannel AAC Output?

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I have several files on my Apple Mac Mini and I am really worried if it will play or not. My question is, can the boxed software produce a multi channel AAC output? Because I think this would come out as PCM and through the HDMI of course.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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How to produce Multichannel AAC Output?


Hi Mr.

You have several files on your Apple Mac Mini. You want to say that you are afraid of situation that, some of the files may not run in the device. There are several tests by which you can understand whether the file shall run in your Apple Mac Mini or not. It can be verified from the following site:

You asked about the boxed software which may produce a multi channel AAC output. Yes, there are possibilities through which you can get a HDMI output. If you want to create an output as PCM I think you should try the boxed software which is authorized to produce such formats. You can change some of the settings to get what you need.

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How to produce Multichannel AAC Output?



Hi George,

Greetings, I am pleased to help u with this query of yours.  Let me first explain to you about the various files that you have on your system,

Mac by default will not play all the files, it will only process a handful  of files and thus in order to play all the video and audio files that you have in hand i would recommend that you install the latest version of VLC player for MAC, and playing all the files will not be an issue after that.

When it comes to multi channel output, I am sorry to inform you that by default you will not be able to obtain the same. The default output from the system is a two channel output. But though this is the condition, there are certain applications that come online, which can be downloaded to the system and it can be used to improve the sound output from the system by only enhancing it but the basic output will still remain two channels.

There are also devices that can be purchased in the market and these are external devices which can help to improve the output of sound and enhance it for better listening experience.

One of the best applications for MAC, to improve the audio quality and bring a multi channel experience is the JACK OS X, this application can be downloaded from the following link.

If you need any assistance with configuration of the application please do revert back and I can help you with the same.

Have a great day






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How to produce Multichannel AAC Output?


Hi George Thomas,

Your question is how to produce Multichannel AAC output. 

You should use  avconv to convert my files's audio streams like this


avconv -i <inputfile> -codec copy -codec:a ac3_fixed -b:a 448k <outputfile>
It works, but it has a few drawbacks:
All audio streams are converted to AC3, even the ones I don't need or want to, like stereo, DTS or AC3. I would like to convert only the AAC 5.1 ones. Command should be generic enough so I don't have to inspect the file or pick streams manually.
While conversion works fine, there are a few issues: volume is huge, loud as I've never seen before, and I fear some metadata is lost on conversion.
I must run this for every video I want to watch. It takes time and waste a lot of HDD space.
So, is there a solution that fixes at least one of these drawbacks?
Possible approaches:
Set OS (pulse audio?) to encode multichannel PCM to AC3 on-the-fly? (that would be amazing, since it would not only with videos but also for games.
Fix command line with some smart parameters.
I hope this will help you.


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