How to play playstation games on pc

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Hi guys , I want to play playstation games on my pc ,  can anyone please give me a good  PS-emulator to do this?

Thank you

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How to play playstation games on pc


Hey Carly!

In the modern era most of the youngsters are addicted to the game (including me).

Pc develops its own games where as PS develops its own games, you cannot play PS games in the PC.

But good news that, there are some emulators for the Pc that can run PS games on the Pc.

In my opinion i would recommend you "espsx". It’s very user friendly and easy to use.

You can download it from here:

Download it! And you will be able to play PS games on PC

Hope you will like it


Tunacao Caaron


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How to play playstation games on pc


If you are looking for a PlayStation 1 emulator for PC then try using ePSXe. This is yet the best PC emulator I’ve used for PlayStation 1. PSX is the term used for PlayStation 1 gaming console. Visit ePSXe PC Emulator to download the latest version. I haven’t updated my version yet and I am still using ePSXe 1.70.

The current latest version is ePSXe 1.9.25. It supports both Microsoft Windows and Linux. It is also available for Android Smartphones and devices. To use a PSX emulator, you need to have a PlayStation 1 ROM. If you have your own PlayStation 1 game CD, you can insert it on your CD or DVD drive and run the CD on the ePSXe emulator.

ePSXe also supports ISO image. You can convert your PlayStation 1 game CD into ISO then load the ISO file into ePSXe. If you want to download different PSX ROMs, try the following websites:

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