How to play avi files in browser

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I would like to play several types of video files on my browser. Because downloading a video file is so boring to me. I prefer playing video on browsers while others are waiting for download. I can play the WMV files on my Google chrome browser. But I can't play avi files on chrome. So what type of plugins or softwares I am to download to play avi video files on Google chrome browser.

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How to play avi files in browser


Try installing VLC and enable browser plugins in the installer.

Link VideoLAN organization

Try also to install  divx web player , this software may allow you to watch .avi in your browser.

Use Google chrome for good internet browsing.

Watch this video, it will help you.

If you're still unable to play it, just download them and convert them.

If you're connection is with a high speed, it just took a minute for you to download a video.

Hope that I've helped you regarding your problems.

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How to play avi files in browser



I can understand why it can be a concern as I myself would prefer streaming videos than downloading them.

There are two things required to play an AVI file. You need to have a codec and a video player.

Unfortunately, the AVI is tied to Windows media player which means that you need to use Internet Explorer for you to be able to watch the AVI files. Google chrome supports. ogm, .ogg, .oga, .webm, .wav.mp4, .m4v, .m4a, .mp3, .ogv,

The alternate solution to it is to convert the files to SWF format.

Some are also suggesting alternate software players. I believe DIVX, VLC and longtailvideo supports Avi file

You may try the following links:

DivX 10 introduces the latest codec

JW Player for all your publishing needs



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How to play avi files in browser


Yes, it is true. Downloading videos is sometimes boring because of the time it consumes to finish a whole download. And if you don’t want this to happen the best alternative is to watch a streaming video on your web browser. If you can’t watch videos in AVI format then you should use VLC media player just like what the first post above suggested.

You will not be downloading the video to watch on the VLC. You will be streaming it on the media player which is very similar as when you are watching online videos on your web browser. First things first, download the media player from VLC media player for Windows and then install it on your computer afterwards.

Open VLC media player then go to Media then select Open Network Stream or just press CTRL + N on your keyboard. See image.

On your web browser, go to the video you want to watch, copy the video’s URL, and then paste it in the media player. Click Play to watch the video. See image.

And that’s it. Just wait for the video to appear on the media player.

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