How to open .p7s extension file

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Hi everyone,

I am using Windows 7 ultimate.

I just received an email with an attachment that consists of .p7s extension file. 

I have downloaded the file but not able to open it.

I did a Google search but am unable to find it.

I need help from you.

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How to open .p7s extension file


If you receive an email with a .p7s attachment, it means that the email was sent with a digital signature. 

Digital signature is an email security feature that encrypts the content of the email, while it is being sent. 

So that it can only be viewed by the intended recipient.  It also ensures that the person who wrote and digitally signed the email is the same person as the one that appears in the “From” line of the email. 

If the email client can’t handle the .p7s file, it will come up as a file attachment. 

The email programs that can properly interpret a digital signature are Microsoft Outlook 2010,

Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.

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How to open .p7s extension file


Hello Daniel,

A P7s file refers to a digitally signed message that has been designed to be opened using Microsoft's Outlook application.

And  therefore, for you to be able to open  the P7S file you received, you will need to have a copy of Outlook 2010 to be installed on your system and make sure that only the designated recipient has the capability to open the message.

The message is digitally signed, and that implies that the sender of the message has been authenticated.

The following is what you will need to do:

  • First, you will need to open the folder containing the P7S file on your computer.
  • And then you will double-click the file.
  • After that you will choose "Microsoft Outlook 2010" from the list of default applications, then click "Open."




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How to open .p7s extension file


A P7s file or a “.P7s” file can be opened using Microsoft Office Outlook. It is a digitally-signed message that is designed or intended to be opened by Microsoft Office Outlook but opening it does require a specific version of Microsoft Office Outlook.

To be able to open P7s files, you need to have Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 installed on your computer and it can only be opened by the designated recipient of the message. And since it is a digitally-signed message, it means that the message sender has been authenticated.

To open the P7s file, browse to the folder where the file or files are stored. After that double-click on the file and then select Microsoft Outlook 2010 from the list of applications and then finally click Open.

Though I haven’t actually received yet any message with a “.P7s” extension, I’m really not sure if a person or user other than the designated recipient will really not be able to open it since it is digitally-signed.

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