Facing Laptop Very Slow Windows 7 Problem.

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my laptop is just a year old, and from the last few days, its speed is getting low. I am unable to identify the reason for laptop very slow Windows 7. Please provide a solution for the problem.

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Facing Laptop Very Slow Windows 7 Problem.


There is no doubt that with time laptops get a little slow because we install many software, games, videos and music. But your laptop might be getting too slow because it needs to install an update, or due to heavy start-up programs, or your disk is fully occupied.

To resolve such problems, follow these steps:

  1. If many unwanted programs are running during startup, some of which you can avoid, then try this:
  • In the Windows ‘Run’ tab enter ‘msconfig’ and click ‘OK.’
  • In the new tab, select ‘Services.’ Now deselect the checkbox for the services which you think can be avoided during startup.

2. Install the pending updates for drivers. Install only the essential ones so as to save the space.

3. Delete the useless files and software that are taking the unwanted space and may cause problems due to update or dome other reason. Moreover, it will free the disk, and through this, the speed will improve.

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