Can you help me install my modem and get it working?

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Until recently I have been using Windows XP Pro and been keeping my software relatively up-to-date. The latest software version was V3.2.1.156. I have now installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on my laptop but have kept the same modem that I’ve been using for the past few years.

Since last week I have had a problem with connecting to the Internet so I uninstalled and re-installed my modem’s software, however, I still can’t connect to the Internet. I’ve taken my laptop and modem to my local Vodacare store in South Africa but the man from the store was unable to fix the problem.

The laptop at one time did not even recognize the modem so I asked the man to uninstall all of the software on the modem so that I can try to fix the problem myself. While attempting to install the modem I came across the error message below.

Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite Installer Information

Error 2753. The File
05' is not marked for installation.


Can you help me install my modem and get it working?


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Can you help me install my modem and get it working?


You need a modem with proper firmware and drivers installed, which will work on both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. In order to connect to the vodafone network you need to install the latest version of vodafone mobile connect. This can be found. From this page, download and install the version available under the for the PC (windows) section. This installation should be done on the laptop/pc with windows 7

Next solution

Remove any programs that interfere with modem operation. The modern is identified by windows as a cd/dvd drive, and can be interrupted by programs that access this type of device "a number of these come prepacked with laptops/desktops". Programs from other operators usb modems or different versions of the software can also prevent correct operation and must be removed. If multiple versions of modem software are installed, all must be removed, then one version reinstalled after restarting.

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