How much secure is cloud computing

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I heard that Cloud computing is a term where a company use the third party resources instead of running software's applications on local server or storing data locally. clouds are hundreds or thousands of computer connected via each other and shared by companies to host their application and manage data.

But I have some confusion about the security in a cloud environment, please expert clear me about my doubt, my questions are.

1. Is the data center where that computer is located staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week? What staff is on-site?

2. Are servers dedicated to each customer, or do multiple customers share a single server?

3. Is there any disaster management, if something goes wrong with server then how we get our data there will be backup data on different server?

4. How many chances there that our data on a cloud server get infiltrated or infected with virus.

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How much secure is cloud computing


The first thing to understand is that cloud environments can be deployed either as public, private or community clouds. Public clouds are open to any organizations while private clouds are specific to certain organizations. Community clouds include organizations that share common interests

The data center is always up and running all the time and most operations are automated. This allows customers to get cloud services from anywhere at any time of the day or night as long as they are connected to the internet.

For a private cloud, the computing services are dedicated to one customer while in public and community clouds, some platforms and infrastructures are shared by various customers.

There is always constant backup and automated system recovery. Therefore, in case of any fault data can still be retrieved in a matter of seconds.

Chances of illegal infiltration in cloud environments are very minimal since the whole datacenter is highly abstract and highly virtualized. Security is also highly enhanced by the cloud vendors to protect the client’s data.


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