How to make HDR Photo effect

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Hi techyv,

What is HDR?  I heard about using this style in photos.  How do I replicate the same effect? 

Is it doable on a tablet or do I need a proper desktop pc to complete the effect?

Many thanks.

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How to make HDR Photo effect


Good Day!

HDR effects can be applied by using Adobe Photoshop or any other softwares. By the way the meaning of HDR is High Dynamic Range (imaging) or HDRI. It is a set of techniques that adjust between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard imaging.

There are few steps to replicate a HDR effect:

Materials you need:

Stock Photo

Adobe Photoshop CS3 version or the latest one

1. Open the photoshop, and then attach your desired photo to edit.

Then Select the tab Image > Adjustments then Click Shadow/Highlight,

2. Now make the shadow and the highlight up to 50% as shown in figure below . Then select Ok.

3. Desaturate the photo. Duplicate the layer by right clicking on the layer and selecting the duplicate layer.

Then select image tab> adjustment > Desaturate the image will turn into black and white.

4. Now change the blending mode to overlay.

To change the blending mode, look for the properties located at right side of your screen.

5. Next select the bottom Photoshop layer and duplicated it we then want to move that layer to the top of all other layers. Then select filter tab> other > High pass,

Then change the radius up to 66%.

6. Now we want to change the blending mode to softlight.

Congratulations!Now you’re done applying HDR effect on your photo.But if you are not satisfied with the results, you may repeat the step-by-step process and feel free to explore with new effects that you can apply.

You can download an photo editor application that can installed in your tablet, just know the brand of your tab then browse for available software and install it.

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