How to login as super user of Ubuntu 10

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I have an Ubuntu 10 OS which was sent to me via postmail for free. When I installed it, it didn't ask for the super user password. I can't do anything much on the operating system except browsing the internet and other office productivity. I can't install any service/packages because I don't know how to login as a super user. Is this a limitation to ubuntu? if so, then are there any workarounds?


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How to login as super user of Ubuntu 10

In Linux, super user known as root. We as user of course has the access to the root. When installing your Ubuntu, the program ask you to make user account with password. And your password is your key to access root.
For now maybe you have browsed all your user directory. Do you ever try to access File System folder? Of course you can not open it. You must login as root before you can see it's directory content. 
Goto Application > Accessories > Terminal
Now type this in your terminal: 
   gksudo nautilus
it will ask your password. Insert your user password and now you are root. This command will automatically open root directory window. Browse and see it's content. The limitations in linux equals security. Nothing can go inside your system as long as you keep the key for your self only 🙂
My advice, it is the best to start learn ubuntu from here:
End words, welcome to Ubuntu family 🙂
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How to login as super user of Ubuntu 10


after you login as ordinary user, you can type "sudo su" to gain super user terminal. with this you get all privileges. it's easier than using gk sudo program-name or just sudo program-name

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