How to locate mozilla archive projects

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From where can the Mozilla Archive projects be downloaded? Whether Firefox is stable to work on? What is the procedure to make Firefox as the default browser

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How to locate mozilla archive projects


Most users prefer to use Firefox as their browser due to its stability and speed. It is more presentable than Internet Explorer. You can download firefox on this website

Once you have downloaded it, you can edit its settings so that it will be your main browser.  After the installation, it will ask you if you want it to be your default browser. You just click on ok, and you will have firefox as the default browser.

You can download source archives of Mozilla via a source client or downloading a source archive. You can get additional information regarding that on this link

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How to locate mozilla archive projects


If you are referring Mozilla Archive Projects to the Mozilla Source Archives, I guess there is a way to download a specific source archive and you can get it from the Mozilla FTP Server. If you want to acquire the source code for a specific release of Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla Thunderbird, visit the FTP server then go to the release you want to acquire.

You can download the source code of the release from the subfolder or subdirectory labeled “source”. Downloading the source code is recommended if you are planning to build a Mozilla product. Another way of getting the source code for your desired release is using Mercurial for Mozilla Firefox. It is a source code management tool that lets you keep track of the changes or modifications to the source code locally.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox as well as other web browsers and you want to make it the default web browser for your computer, here is how. Start Mozilla Firefox then go to Tools and then Options. Select Advanced tab then in General tab under System Defaults section, click “Make Firefox the default browser” and then click OK.

This automatically makes Mozilla Firefox your default web browser.

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