Firefox Ad On File Installation Error

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I am trying to install some Add-on to Firefox but some error is creating hurdle, it says some unexpected error is not letting you save this Add-on.

I left the issue as it is as I was not able to understand the error message. Would some professional like to help me up in this regard?

Unexpected installation error Review the error Console log for more details

Firefox could not install the file at

Because: Unexpected installation error Review the error Console log for more details.


The above link shows the Add-on that I wanted to install but due to some understandable issue Firefox is not letting the installation to occur.

The problem is particularly occurring when installing this individual add-on, after trying to install this add-on I install any other Add-on which were very easily installed without any difficulty.

So kindly assist me in solving this problem.


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Firefox Ad On File Installation Error


Hi Mike,

I followed the link that you have provided for the Add-on. It seems that whatever was there was removed. When I visited the site by clicking the URL you gave, It did take me to Add-ons for Firefox website but it said:
We’re sorry, but we can’t find what you’re looking for.

This means that the add-on was probably there before but has been removed for some reason. In this case I'm afraid we cannot help you fix the problem, since the add-on is not there anymore.

What you can do in the future in case you come across this error once again is to simply restart Firefox.

If that does no help, then delete the temporary internet files and cache, then try to install again.

If you are still unable to install the Add-on then probably there really is something wrong with the Add-on that was made. Check the comments on the Add-on and see if anybody else gets the same problem. If not, then post the error you are getting so the developer can check on it and see whether it's an issue of incompatibility and in that way, the developer can maybe replicate what happened and try to find out what causes the error.

Most of the Firefox Add-ons are created by developers who are not paid by Mozilla to make them. They are doing it out of their own time or may be to build a name for themselves as programmers. Therefore we should expect errors when using these Add-ons.

Another thing to consider is the comments and the number of installs. You will know if an Add-on is any good by looking at the number of people who used it.

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Firefox Ad On File Installation Error


An internal file in each Add-On indicates the range Firefox versions with which the extension is compatible. In the Add-Ons area of Mozilla, you can review version compatibility information on the page for each available extension.

If your installed version of Firefox does not fit within that range, installing the Add-On results in an error, indicating that the add-on is not compatible. If your version of Firefox is incompatible with the Add-on, you can:

  • Upgrade to the latest version of Firefox.
  • Find a version of the add-on that is compatible with your version of Firefox. The Firefox Add-on website usually has the most up to date version of each Add-on.
  • Use a different extension. For many extensions, there are similar extensions that provide the same functionality.

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