How to link workbooks in Excel

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When using Microsoft Excel, it is easy to link up Workbooks.

But since I am using the Millennium version of Lotus, I can’t find a way to do it. 

Please let me know if anyone of you has knowledge on how to fix this. 

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How to link workbooks in Excel


Hi Lance,

Good day!

First, I suggest you to arrange the windows in the files in workbook  that you want to link in excel. By doing this, you can easily see the cells that you want to link. Next is go to the cell where you want to link the formula and then just type the formula.

And then highlight or just simply click the cells in the other file and just click enter on your keyboard. This solution is very effective. I've used it many times and never fails me.

I hope that it helps you solve your issue either.

Happy weekend to you!


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How to link workbooks in Excel


we can link two workbooks by link two cells with each other, where any change in one workbook affect in other one. 

open two workbooks named book1.xlsx and book2.xlxs

write in book1 cell A1 "="   and go to book2 click in cell A1 and press Enter key

now write anything in book2 cell A1 and press Enter key, you will see what you write in book1 immediately 

In this way you can link workbooks in EXCEL"My Love".


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