How to link an image map with a database?

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Hello fellows,

How to link an image map with a database? I am using PHP programming language for my upcoming website project about mapping and determining specific location. I’m just wondering how to link the map to the database? I am using MySQL database system. Your answers are very much welcome.



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How to link an image map with a database?


Hi Benjamin,

First store image in table, define column as long blob type then upload your image, open it  read the contents from mysql escape all the special characters

mysql_escap_string() after then insert in the table

whenever you want to see your image write your PHP page which can perform so then reference it in your image like

<img src="myimage server.php?imageid=5324">

myimageserver.php will headers output which is followed by contents of longblob column in table for example

header("Content-Type: image/jpegn");
header("Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary");
echo $row['imageblob'];

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