How to java extract icons from a dll?

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I am studying java codes for almost 1 month but still it seems like I have more algorithm that needed to be learned. Can you help me about this matter. How to java extract icons from a dll? This is a big help for my upcoming project. Give me some website that can help me. Thank you

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How to java extract icons from a dll?


1.How to java extract icons from a dll?

>>There are many tools available which help you to extract Icon from dll file like viewer,
IconExtractor 2.3.The extracted Icon can be copied to any file and save as .ico,.bmp,.jpeg etc.

This are the steps for java code to extract Icon…

//open folder icon from shell32.dll.
Icon open_Folder_Icon = IconHelper.ExtractIcon(@"%SystemRoot%system32shell32.dll", 4);

//Get all icons contained in shell32.dll.
List<icon> shell_Icons = IconHelper.ExtractAllIcons(@"%SystemRoot%system32shell32.dll");

//Split the openFolderIcon into its icon images.
List<icon> open_Folder_Set = IconHelper.SplitGroupIcon(openFolderIcon);

//Get the small open folder icon.
Icon small_Folder = IconHelper.GetBestFitIcon(openFolderIcon,
//Get large icon of c drive.
Icon largeCDriveIcon = IconHelper.GetAssociatedLargeIcon(@"C:");

//Get small icon of c drive.
Icon small_C_DriveIcon = IconHelper.GetAssociatedSmallIcon(@"C:");

//Merge icon images in a single icon.
Icon c_DriveIcon = IconHelper.Merge(small_C_DriveIcon, largeCDriveIcon);

//Save the icon to a file.
FileStream fs = File.Create(@"c:CDrive.ico");


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